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Software Development Made Easy

Oak River Software
Software Services

Updated! At ORS we provide an easy way for you to produce your software. We plan, design, develop, test, install, maintain, and market the software and graphics for your web sites, and internal company software systems.

We have created hundreds of programs, and designed dozens of systems for business and non-profit companies.

If your goal is to establish an online presence for yourself with a simple home page, or for your company with a more elaborate business site, or if you wish custom software services for non web purposes, you will receive the same personal attention and professional service at reasonable rates.

Project management research shows that only about 16% of software development projects succeed - the rest are over cost or schedule, or don't deliver what they were intended to, or are canceled. And the biggest single reason for failure is not understanding what users really want.

Oak River Software has been created to help clients, including commercial, non-profit and individuals, invest in technology that meets their needs - not their software designers' needs, or their consultants' needs. Also, Oak River Software is dedicated to making organizations more effective through the appropriate use of technology, focusing on impact and simplicity rather than over-elaborate code or animated extravaganzas.

Updated! Creating Your Software
We use proven software development methods, for web development, for business and enterprise software, and systems development of all types. Whether it's custom software created from your specifications or with our analysts who create the design, you will be involved with the development cycle in the appropriate level agreed upon before the job is started.

There will be no surprises with our tried and true method of software development, the ORS System Development Phases. If you want to be intimately involved with the detail of the design and development, if you just want periodic updates for your approval, or if you want to be somewhere in the middle of this range, we have the experienced personnel who will meet your needs.

Please see our Customer Info and FAQ Page for a more complete review of commonly asked questions about software development at ORS.
New!ORS Customer Information and FAQ Page.
New!ORS System Development Phases.

Updated! For web sites, using your ideas, we will:

  • Develop a system that is functional, coherent, attractive, and easy to navigate
  • Upload it to your web server
  • Submit it to 3 major search engines
  • Provide you with 2 months free maintenance and minor updates


Each project is quoted on an individual basis, as the cost is dependent on the type of services required and the complexity of the site or software system.

Use the following guidelines for basic services:

  • Custom software for non web applications:
  • Personal Web Site - $200
    • 1 or 2 pages / ~500 words
    • Navigation menu
    • 5 of your images, optimized for the web:
      • Scanned photos
      • Graphics
    • 5 links to other sites
    • Email link or feedback form
    • Page hit counter
    • Meta tag coding for search engines
    • Site uploading
    • Search engine submission
    • 2 months maintenance and minor updates

  • Small Business Site - $500
    • Up to 5 pages / ~1250 words
    • Navigation menu
    • 10 of your images, optimized for the web:
      • Scanned photos
      • Graphics
      • Your company logo
    • 10 links to other sites.
    • Email link or feedback form
    • Page hit counter
    • Meta tag coding for search engines
    • Site uploading
    • Search engine submission
    • 2 months maintenance and minor updates

  • Additional pages of text - $50 each
  • Additional photos/graphics - $10 each
  • Additional forms - $30 each

Optional Services

  • Special features and applications:
    • Site content management using a simple web-based form installed on your site for self-maintenance. You can add an updatable web page to your site for $125. Examples:
      • Newsletter
      • Resume
      • Featured products
    • Maintain a Frequently Asked Questions page using the web-based FAQs Manager. $150.

  • Installation of other applications:
    • Calendar of Events
    • Slide show
    • Discussion Forum / Bulletin Board
    • Chat Room
    • Guest Book
    • Links Manager
    • Shopping Cart
    • Site Search
    • Tell us what you want

  • Programming - JavaScript:
    • Slide show
    • Client-side form processing
      • Data entry validation
      • Calculations
    • Dynamic lists, e.g. "Tip Of The Day", or product & service tips
    • Special effects, e.g., scrolling text, mouse trails, floating images, etc.

  • Programming - Perl/CGI, C++, Cobol, Basic, Assembler:
    • Server-side form processing
    • Database-driven web pages
    • Password protection
    • E-commerce
    • Custom server side systems serving web applications

Web Hosting

  • Personal web clients: Web Hosting offers a $7.95 per month web host plan for your personal, home, or family site. $Zero setup fee. Online support with toll free number 24/7. Unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.
    Loaded with included technical features such as CGI, SSI, SSH, Perl, Java, Java Servlets, JSP/GSP, C/C++, PHP3/4, HTML Script, RealAudio/Video, autoresponders, web site statistics, access logs, and mailing lists.

  • Business web clients:
    Safire Internet Solutions offers a Professional Plan for businesses of every size at very reasonable rates. This is a very professional web host company.  Guaranteed 99.9% uptime.  Five levels of business web host plans are available. Friendly service and technical support included!
    Other technical features such as battery un-interruptable power supplies.  Daily file backup, etc., etc.  One of the largest web hosting companies in the USA with redundant T3 direct connect lines and servers.

Inquiries or Estimates

  • For an individual quote, please fill out our contact form.
  • All quotes in US dollars, and payable only to our US bank in US dollars.

Our Referral Program
We've started a referral program to benefit you. It works like this: For any contact that results in a paid job and explicitly agreed upon with you before the job starts, we will pay you a five (5%) percent referral fee. The referral fee will be calculated upon the first paid invoice for any new client other than work for you or the company for which you work.


Updated! The ORS Work Contract
We use a simple work contract, easy to understand, ensuring for both you, the client, and ourselves that we agree to clearly define our goals, the job, and the payment for this work.

Our fees are variable depending on the task and specific job at hand. We can quote by the job or by an hourly rate. Please contact us for our current rates. We are competitive, and offer very reasonable rates.

If you agree to proceed with our company we would talk jointly to develop a plan which will satisfy your job requirements, including others which may be defined during our plan development meetings.

Once the plan is approved in both tasks and time estimation, you would send us an advance payment of forty percent (40%) before work starts. We will work from the agreed and approved overall plan without modifications. During the development phase your close cooperation and approval for minor details will be needed and expected. Upon and before live implementation, another fifty percent (50%) would be due and payable. After one month usage of the new software, graphics/art, and/or other services or products, the last ten percent (10%) will be due and payable. After implementation of the original job, any modifications not specified in the original job specification could be made for an additional fee at the agreed upon hourly rate.

The above percentage payments are variable and can be changed without notice. Please contact us for our current rates and policies.


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For a free initial one-half hour consultation on developing custom software, or a quote on your custom software including web development, please email us:

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