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Oak River Software
Client List

Updated! Check Out Our Work Samples:     Design   Maintenance   Graphics
At ORS we provide an easy way for you to produce your software. We plan, design, develop, test, install, maintain, and market the software and graphics for your web sites, and internal company software systems.

We have created hundreds of programs, and designed dozens of systems for business and non-profit companies. In Internet Web Design, there are two web sites for you to look at as examples, which show a wide range of design possibilities. The first site is simpler, and shows up on your browser very quickly at: Butterfield & Co., International. The second is a site where we worked as part of a team. It is an elegant, clear and thus effective site showing its purpose as a medical clinic. The Maharishi Vedic Health Center at Lancaster draws the visitor naturally to look at more pages.

Updated! Our Customer List includes the following.   For more details see below.

Updated! Design Site Samples, technical summary:

Updated!Harmony Iris Gardens
This site is a retail flower grower. With simple graphics, PDF and Email autoresponder order forms, and a product catalog with over 280 photos including linked thumbnails, this site uses extensive client-side JavaScript, with over 30 pages.

Although this site owner has closed their business, we have included a smaller site sample with only one page of thumbnail photos of the Tall Bearded variety, purple color. Please do not use the phone numbers or email on this site sample.

Maharishi Vedic Health including the Instant Relief program.
This site, the Maharishi Health Program for Chronic Disorders, was developed by some of our members who worked as part of a group for a non-profit organization.

This is a more complex site, with multiple languages, complete with audio, streaming video, and animation. Over 250 pages, with CGI, JavaScript in both client and server side, and interactive data base use and reports for both the browser user and internally for the organization's personnel.

Everett Day Design Associates creates custom interior design, furniture design, and garden design for residents of the North Carolina High Country and beyond. They offer a full range of design services, from a turn-key, fully furnished, landscaped home to the simple supply of window treatments and selected pieces of furniture.

This is a functionally simple site with a thumbnailed catalog of prior client design pictures and drawings. It is beautifully designed with harmonious colors and images which uphold the beauty and practicality of the Everett Day Design work.

Although the site had been shut down, this sample is one of the working versions for this client. See the current site at: Everett Day Design Associates, Inc.


Enlightenment Magazine
The home page for Enlightenment magazine. This site is a non-profit quarterly magazine, providing up-to-date information about the organization.

This is the web-based version of the magazine; in its print form it is distributed to over 120,000 addresses. It includes a place to sign up for an E-Zine, and there are online forms for the print magazine using server-side CGI. The site has dozens of pages and will have an ever-expanding number of pages as each quarterly version is web published.

Richard Ross Design
The Richard Ross Design web site is simply designed with about 11 pages, and loads to your web browser very quickly. This site uses PDF, and Email autoresponders. The site includes sale of beautiful custom-made art. Currently the owner has temporarily moved out of the country changing the Richard Ross Design home page, or RRDesign with his personal message. Please see the site in its Richard Ross Design home page original form. Please note that the Email and forms on this original site are not active; please do not use them.

Updated! Maintenance Site Samples, technical summary:

Changes and additions to your web site, even new pages, are often needed after your site has been completed. At times this type of work can be more complex than for a site we have designed from the start.

In addition to the designed and developed sites above, our team members have made software maintenance a task which matches the changes in your business or organization. Please see the following where we have helped maintain the up-to-date status of these Internet sites to match the customer's changing business environment.

Updated!Transcendental Meditation® in the United Kingdom
The Transcendental Meditation in the United Kingdom web site was originally developed by some of our members who worked as part of a group for a non-profit organization. This site is a good example of our graphic artist's work, and includes changes made to keep the site current.


Transcendental Meditation® in Australia
This site, the Transcendental Meditation Program for Australia, was enhanced by our marketing staff to ensure proper placement in top search engines and directories.

Updated! Graphics Site Samples, technical summary:

Please see graphic art examples on all sites above and the following.

Updated!Heavenly Mountain Resort
The Heavenly Mountain Resort web site was developed by one of our Graphic Artists. The resort is located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina and reflects this beauty in the artwork on the web site.


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