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Your birth chart is a work of art!

Welcome to TransiTracker™. Now, for the first time, your Maharishi Vedic Astrology program* horoscope, or Janma Kundali, can be rendered in a manner befitting its natural dignity—as a work of art: beautiful, uplifting, and highly useful. Custom-made especially for you, TransiTracker™ provides a delightful way of viewing and learning about your Janma Kundali. An inspiring product that each member of your family will benefit from, it also makes the perfect birthday or holiday gift for friends!

What is a Janma Kundali?

Your Janma Kundali is a diagram that displays the structures of Cosmic Intelligence that reflect the results of your past, present, and future actions. Each structure is a precise, one-to-one Cosmic Counterpart of a structure or function of human physiology. Your Cosmic Counterparts reveal through their qualities and complex interrelationships the characteristics, tendencies, past influences, and present and future life trends that are unique to you as an individual.

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of the Maharishi Vedic Astrology program, explains that by cognizing these qualities and interrelationships one can "fathom the influence of the threads of karma in all directions."

Once present and future trends are known, Maharishi Yagya performances* can be utilized to enhance or counteract these influences and help promote good fortune in life. It is through this precious Maharishi Vedic technology* that the Maharishi Vedic Astrology program bestows its most profound benefits.

Start learning about your Janma Kundali now!

TransiTracker™ comes with an introductory manual designed to acquaint you with the basic components of your Janma Kundali. It also lays out an elementary principle of analysis that you can use to begin exploring the meanings and relationships between the components. So even if you have no prior knowledge of the Maharishi Vedic Astrology program, you can start using your TransiTracker™ immediately. A wonderful learning tool, it makes a great introduction to the Short Courses on Maharishi Vedic Astrology now being offered via satellite at Maharishi Open University!

Track the transits of the planets daily!

The daily movements, or transits, of the planets through the zodiac reveal a great deal about the events and trends of life currently affecting our individual lives and the life of society as a whole. Included with each TransiTracker™ is a set of moveable magnetic markers that stick to the surface of your Janma Kundali, allowing you to track the transits on a daily basis. To help you place the markers accurately, an Ephemeris, or table of daily planetary positions, is provided.

Why it's important to review your Janma Kundali each day.

Whatever we put our attention on grows stronger in our life. Knowledge is organizing power. Our Cosmic Counterparts play a primary role in every aspect of our life, including our health, relationships, and prosperity. By getting to know your Janma Kundali and viewing it for a few moments each day, you will begin to enliven the intimate relationship between your individual life and Cosmic Life. This will spontaneously enrich every area of daily living. And with greater knowledge and appreciation of how your life is sequentially unfolding, you'll be better able to manage your world effectively!

Questions? Contact us by Email at: [email protected]
Or call toll-free, within the USA only, at: 1-888-264-1008.
From outside the USA please call: 1-828-265-1018.
Or fax us at: 1-828-262-5710.


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