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The following links go to sites we consider of interest. Please forward new info, comments, and notify us about dead links, and we'll be glad to include the new info in the next update. Edited and verified as of Sunday, 5-7-00.

Please let us know of other links which you think should be listed here. We are interested in the following categories of links:
  1. Marketing Information.
  2. Software Development Tools: Technical links.
  3. Miscellaneous Links.
  4. Fun.

1. Marketing Information:

The NetRageous Way to Web Marketing. Great site for web marketing.
Promotion and Marketing.
Media Metrix
United States version.

2. Software Development Tools:

Please see our technical links page.

3. Miscellaneous links:

CNN World News.
CNN - Weather For Boone, NC, USA.
CNN - Weather For Santa Rosa, CA, USA.
Weather Underground World weather.
The Hunger Site Donate Food for Free to Give to Feed Hungry People in the World.
The Rainforest Site Donate Land For Free.
HoTMaiL The World's FREE Email - MS product.
BBC News Online - Front Page.
STRATFOR.COM - It's not news, it's intelligence.
Slashdot News for Nerds - Tech news.
Yahoo! Clubs Thousands of special interest clubs.
Delphi Forums Please Log In.
Ananova "Real time" animated news. XML enhanced.

eVoice Have only one phone line and don't want to miss any calls while you are on the Web? Want to turn off your phone ringer at night but don't want your answering machine to be active? Get eVoice, a free local number voicemail service and virtual telephone answering machine. Email notifications. Web or phone access. Sign up free using our mailbox number: 26237890.

Pay online with Pay Pal service sent to dcollinsworth@usa.net
PayPal Electronic money transfers from your bank to any Email address.
To use Pay Pal,Pick one of the two pay options below:
1. I have never used Pay Pal. I need to register with Pay Pal and then sign on to make my payment to Oak River Software using [email protected]
2. I already have a Pay Pal account: make payments to [email protected]

uReach.com Logon page. Free toll-free voice mail. Email notifications. Web or phone access.
Driveway Free online hard disk storage. 25 MB to start, up to 300 MB.
DialPad Free telephone service via computer to land-line phones within USA only. Free computer to computer phone service worldwide when both using Dial Pad.

Meriam WWWebster Dictionary Search screen.
Free Translation Free real time translations. Cut and paste. English to others. Other languages to English.
Britannica.com Encyclopedia.
The History Place History.

Yahoo! Search Options.
Raging Search
Ask Jeeves Meta search engine. Ask questions in English.
eHow Find out how things work.

BMG Music Services Purchase music media. Can sign in as guest to search catalog.
Columbia House Purchase music media.
CDnow Purchase music media.

Oak River Software
"Software Development Made Easy." Use our Free Web Marketing Help section. We made this site. ORS is a group of Web Designers, Software Developers, Graphic Designers, and Copywriter/Editors.

The Transcendental Meditation® - TM® program
If you would like to learn more about Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and the TM program, please click on the two images below.

The TM Program, www.tm.org All TM sites, www.alltm.org

Sanskrit Texts and Stotras
Please see this group of Sanskrit texts, and audio clips in Real Player format. The texts are usually in Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF format and many include an English translation with the Sanskrit devanagari.

Vedic Art Gallery
This site generally contains public domain classical vedic art, and other classical art from various spiritual and religious traditions. The site owner wants you to help build this site into a worldwide repository of classical spiritual images, art, photographs, and posters. At first, the focus will be on classical images, not contemporary art.

The Vedic Art Gallery seeks and will consider classical art and image work from all major spiritual and religious traditions, such as: Vedic, Christianity including Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox, and Anglicanism, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Muslim or Islam, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism, Parsiism, Taoism, Jainism, Confucianism, Shinto, Baha'i, Mormonism, or other ancient Metaphysical, native traditional, or Esoteric traditions.  All images included will be up to the subjective opinion of the site owner.

4. Fun:

Moving Eyes Great JavaScript example, and for that day when you're feeling watched.
Cartoon Bank Thousands of cartoons over decades.
Internet Movie Data Base Thousands of movies; search by titles, actors, and/or crew; also links.
MovieLens Builds a user profile with "collaborative filtering", an intelligent software system. Begins to recommend 95% unseen movies based on others who match your profile after you rate 25 movies.
Dancing Pages Simple minded fun.

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