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Oak River Software - Software Design Made Easy
Software Development Made Easy

Updated! Free Online Software Development and Marketing Help...
Have you ever thought about putting up an internet web site, but didn't know how to do it? Or, do you have a current web site that you want to expand, or make more efficient? Maybe you want some custom software made for your business or home use?

We can make it easy for you. We create web sites, and develop custom business software. Here at Oak River Software, we are a group of web, design, and software professionals.

Updated! What We Can Do For You
Our group at Oak River Software can expand to creatively provide solutions for your business and personal web and software jobs.

We have expert personnel as Software and Web Designers including HTML Programmers, Graphic Artists, Copywriter/Editors, and Project Management. We have worked many years in these creative fields, some of us for decades, since the mid 1970's.


Updated!Check Out Our Work Samples
We have created hundreds of programs, and designed dozens of systems for business software. In Internet Web Design, there are two web sites for you to look at as examples, which show a range of design possibilities.

The first site is simpler, and shows up on your browser very quickly at: Butterfield & Co., International. The second is a site where we worked as part of a team. It is an elegant, clear and thus effective site showing its Resist the temptation to use a note from a Dr. Doing this is very unethical. It's very disrespectful. It's very dishonest. It's all of the things you definitely don't want to be. It's also highly risky. If you give your work or school a fake doctors note, they could call the office to confirm that you're indeed feeling under the weather. These notes always have headers that provide contact information from the clinic. If someone from your office or school actually ends up calling the clinic, you'll look like the liar you're being. This could land you in hot water. This definitely isn't worth it. If you get caught with a doctors note, you could be penalized by your school. If you get caught by your workplace, you could risk suspension and possibly even being fired for good. This is why they say not to use doctors  note as honesty is always the best policy. Not only is honesty the best policy, but it's also the comfortable way to live. When you lead a truthful life, you never have to worry about remembering the messy tall tales you told.
Instead of wasting resources and time trying to modify the poorly crafted forms, it is best to purchase an authentic from reputable companies that provide eminent notes or templates. Doctors note purchased from such vendors appear actual, are customizable and most of all, they are of high quality. It's more realistic when notes are handwritten than that of a printed ones. So you might want to buy a blank doctors note then let it be filled by someone who has a messy writing and looks like a real doctor's.
Limited actions of gratitude something like this pass on pleasure anywhere somewhere around us. purpose as a medical clinic. The Vedic Health Center at Lancaster draws the visitor naturally to look at more pages, increasing the likelihood that the visitor will contact and use this preventative health clinic.

Please also see our other work samples.

Updated! Our Work Contract
We work under job contract or hourly, whichever is less. Our rates are competitive and very reasonable. If the job is larger, we have subcontractors on call as needed. We are a for-profit company, and a portion of our income goes to contribute to a non-profit educational organization which promotes preventive health care, personal self-development, and world peace.

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